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Seniors Real Estate Institute Honors Ingrid & John Sullivan

Earlier this month, the owners of Senior Downsizing Experts were honored at the 6th Annual Legacy Conference in Oklahoma City. Ingrid and John Sullivan were awarded the 2020 Legacy Leader Award for their outstanding service to older adults. The Legacy Leader Award recognizes Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHP) who are making a positive difference in […]

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How Seniors Can Settle into Retirement Living

Moving to a retirement community can be a big adjustment for some people, mainly dealing with loneliness or difficulty settling in. These tips can help you feel more at home.

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How To Combat Tinnitus

One of the common ailments associated with aging is hearing loss. Along with that hearing loss sometimes comes noises that don’t come from any external source, such as a ringing in the ears. This ringing is also known as tinnitus. A symptom of an underlying issue, tinnitus doesn’t have a cure, exactly, but there are […]

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Top Tips for Choosing Furniture as a Senior

The process of aging can be a beautiful transition, but a difficult one as well. There are certain actions you can take to improve your quality of life as you age. One of these actions is choosing the appropriate furniture. Purchasing the right furniture will help you live more comfortably and reduce the potential difficulties […]

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How Seniors Can Combat Loneliness

Depression and anxiety are becoming increasingly hot topics as the importance of mental health is being emphasized in our culture. Many people don’t realize the extent to which seniors experience depression and anxiety due to debilitating loneliness. Many seniors feel incredibly lonely after the death of a spouse, best friend, or special confidante. However, there […]

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